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Midnight Meg: The Master Maverick

Emerson College 48 Hour Film Festival

Midnight Meg battles the evil drug lord Daylight Desperado and his goons.

TypeShort FilmGenre80s Action ParodyYear2019AwardsBest Writing | Emerson College 48 Hour Film Festival Spring 2019Share
Meg Aubry
Zac Hirsch
Colm Donston
William Popalisky
Jay Nagjee

CREATED BY: Meg Aubry, Jay Nagjee, Colm Donston, Zac Hirsch, Ryan O'Toole, Will Popalisky
Camera Opperator & Editor: Jay Nagjee
Special thanks to: Harrison Pettit Kiang

This film was written, filmed and edited within 48 hours. It was awarded Best Writing at Emerson College’s 48 Hour Spring 2019 Film Festival screening.

Prop: Egg Line: “Fathom”

Theme: Perseverance

Genre: Period Piece


“Badass” by Bensound, “Downtown” by Bensound, “Funky Element” by Bensound, “Funky Suspense” by Bensound, “Lord of The Golden Baboon” by Mandrill.