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Written & Directed by Jay Nagjee

Welcome to my world...

I create... drawing inspiration from all of my experiences in filmmaking.

Jay Nagjee

Writer & Director

what i do

From listening to tales at bedtime, to dressing up as my favorite characters as a kid, I have always been addicted to stories.

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Till the age of 10, I couldn’t sleep until my father told me a story or my mother sang me a song. When they got busy with work, I would listen to stories they recorded on an MP3 player. After coming home from school, I would run into my closet, dress up and act as the character I felt like for the day. I made up excuses during my tuitions just so I could catch a short glimpse of what show played on TV at the time.

I think it would be safe to say that I had a problem… I was addicted to stories.



Mario Silva

Jay is the most professional director I’ve had the pleasure of working with, he is true to his vision and will work endlessly to execute it. His craft is so meticulous that you can see his devotion and commitment to his work. I am proud to be part of any of his projects.

Mario Silva

Actor: The Freelancer, Bloody Daddy
Satya Baskaran

Jay’s attention to detail, passion and profound understanding of storytelling make collaborating with him a seminal experience. With a background in acting, he embodies the essence of an actor’s director—unveiling character nuances and intention as if he were stepping into the character’s shoes himself.

Satya Baskaran

Actor and Acting Coach
Myles Delahunty

I am consistently impressed with the passion Jay puts into his work. I worked as an actor with him and enjoyed the conversations we were able to have about the character. That gave me a lot of creative freedom to really bring the character and their story to life.

Myles Delahunty

Actor - For the Good of the People, Greener

JayNagjee © 2023. All Rights Reserved. |

JayNagjee © 2023. All Rights Reserved. |