Jay Nagjee

nice to meet you

My name is
Jay Nagjee

I’ve been addicted to stories ever since I was a child. I couldn’t fall asleep unless my father told me a story, or my mother sang me a song. When my parents were busy, I would listen to a recorded story my father saved on an mp3 player just so I could fall asleep. 

Movies have been a special part of my life as well. My parents and I would watch movies at home every night, and head to the theatre every weekend. If I saw a character I liked, I would come home from school, dress up as that character and run around the house playing them for days together. 

Now, I pursue film as a career and bring the exact same childhood enthusiasm to every project I work on. As corny as it sounds, I truly am in love with movies. But I do have a very specific taste.

My idea of a good movie is simple: If I feel inclined and excited to see a film again, I think it’s a good movie. I like films to entertain me. I like watching movies that either make me excited, thrilled, happy or relaxed…. And those are the kind of movies I want to make.